Descent to the PlanetEdit

I remember going to the surface so well. As my ship slowly descended, I saw what I was going to have to go through. The bodies of GF soldiers lay scattered across the field. One, a sole survivor, was still trying to fight. A space pirate soon ended that, showing the GF soldier the inside of his GAC barrel...and what it looked like when fired. I knew this mission was suicide. but I had accepted the mission, and thus had to fulfill my duties to my employer. I landed my ship in a small clearing in the vast forest, and exited. I got my Piercing Beam ready. I walked a small distance, and believed I was all clear. However, I soon saw a giant turret facing me. I remember it charging up a shot, the sound of stored energy, and then a loud bang, a flash...and then everything going black. I soon found myself being carried by GF medics. I don't remember much else, just the GF medics carrying me aboard a ship...

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