I docked with the GFS Olympus. Pretty self explanatory there. I'll never forget the Hangar, though. There was a total of 5 ships, one of which was Admiral Dane's and one of which was mine. I didn't know who the other ships belonged to, but I was about to find out...

Members of BOAEdit

I walked into the "Lobby" of the ship, to see several other hunters talking to Dane. One of them was a space pirate. Myself being part space pirate (don't ask), I decided to talk to him first.

"I am Leax Perine, aka Anaconda. A pleasure to meet you."


Oh, I'm an idiot. He only speaks space pirate. I should probably talk to him in space pirate.

"So Leax Perine. Aleice ta metoa ako."

That means the exactly same thing as what I just said.

"Ahhh...Aleice ta metoa ako tamal. So Dekar Lokstra. So ben coith auomat weps. Mi cudllam est Mamba."

That was space pirate for, "Ahhh...Nice to meet you too. I'm Dekar Lokstra. I'm good with automatic weapons." Well anyway, across the room was another hunter. He was in GF armor, without a helmet or sleeves. I decided to say hi to him as well.

"Hello, I'm Leax Perine, aka Anaconda."

"Hello," he replied, "I am Glar Plaros. In case you couldn't tell, I am from Jovia VII. Like most inhabitants of my planet, I can change my form. Thus, I am very good at infiltrating enemy bases and extracting information. My codename is Sidewinder. You are...part space pirate and part human. I can see it in your eyes...and by the fact that you only have three fingers on your hand, which looks unmutilated."

That's when I saw Gerop. I didn't want to fight him...

"Leax! Not going to say hi to an old friend...?"

"Gerop! I didn't see you..."

"Yes, and Mamba over there speaks perfect English. Actually, he does. He was just playing with you, seeing if you knew the language...well anyway, I hope I don't have to take you out. One false move, one move against BOA...and I'll blast your face off. Got it?"

"Uh-huh Gerop...well, looking foward to doing missions with you."

there was sudeenly a broadcast.

"Prepare for exiting orbit of Norion...Destination: 52'N,43'W, 32' F."

I knew that coordinate. I didn't have to wait for the computer to finish its statement; I knew what it meant. We were going to Ki-09, A Kihunter installation in an asteroid field. Everyone knew the coordinate, not just me though; it was the last known location of the BSL Orbital Lab before it was destroyed.

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