We didn't really do much for the next few days. I practiced my swordsmanship (I use a schimitar in battle sometimes) against a computer simulation. Glar spent most of the time sleeping, and Lokstra did quite a bit of meditation. Then, we got called to the mission briefing room.

Next MissionEdit

"Soldiers," said Dane, "we have located the primary lab. It is located on Tallon IV in the Phendrena Drifts area. About 2% of the base is the old Space Pirate Labs; the other 98% is located in unexplored sections. Most of the area is just wide fields of snow and ice. Thus, we will be using the Snow Armor adaption. It basically changes the armor's color to white. This may be or final mission, if all goes well. IT looks like we're here. By the way, we're not the only ones here. there are approximately 500 other troopers moving in on the region. All of them are highly trained. Okay, we've landed. Prepare to exit the ship."

Into the SnowEdit

Glar and I were partnered together for the mission. Both of us moved out towards the lab. We killed afew Kihunters, and even destroyed some vehicles. Glar was pretty good with a Plasma Grenade Launcher. We eventually got to a peaceful area. That's when we got the news.

"Leax," said Glar, "we have an incoming's from Dane..."

"Let me hear it!" I said.

"This is Admiral Dane. We are underprepared for the assault. About 45% of our forces have been lost to enemy snipers. In addition, several enemy "Deathtanks" have moved in on happless forces and destroyed them. We're reteating. Any force that doesn't respond in the next minute will be recorded as dead and will be left behind."

"Okay, let's-" Just as I was taking, a shot rang out. It hit our radio. Then another shot rang out, and Glar got hit in the right side. I took down both of the snipers with my Piercing Beam. Then I ran over to Glar.

"Are you okay?!" I said.

"Ung...yeah," said Glar, "I'll be fine. But we're boned...the radio is out. We're going to be left behind."

"We're probably not the only ones," I said to Glar. Glar didn't say anything, but stared at me. His stare said it all. He had basically abandoned hope. That's when I began to build up a shelter out of snow.

"What the heck are you doing?!" yelled Glar.

"Making a shelter," I replied. "I think we may be here for a while..."

End of Book 1Edit