Our Story Begins...Edit

I looked into the holographic display of my ship. As I gazed into it, so many thoughts went through my head. What would be my next mission? Who would be the one giving me orders? Would I have assassinate someone? Or sabotage an enemy base? But not all of my thoughts were about the next mission. Some were about what had recently happened; Samus destroying the BSL for no reason. The GF said that she simply went crazy and betrayed them, destroying the BSL as an act of terrorism. Could it be true? No, it couldn't. I had met Samus once, a little while before the destruction of the BSL. She had seemed so...well, not crazy, that's for sure. I remember her recounting her missions, reminiscing on her battles with metroids and space pirates. And how she said she did it all for the GF. Not just the GF, but her beloved government...oh whoops, almost missed a's from the GF...

"Hello?" I said.

"Hello," the GF caller responded. "This is Admiral DAne of the Galalctic Federation. Is this Leax Perine?"

"Yes sir," I responded, "It is. How may I help you?"

"Leax, the Space Pirates have attacked Norion," he responded. "We are putting up a good fight, but we are in trouble. Their flagship is bombarding the surface battle with air-to-ground projectiles! Any attack we attempted to make on the ship ended in utter disaster. The lasers on that thing cut through our armada like a hot knife through butter. Our fleet has been reduced to pieces of metal foating through space..."

"And what would you like me to do?" I asked.

"You are to infiltrate the flagship, plant bombs on it's critical systems, and then get out of there and blow that bogey back to the space pirate homeworld," he said, in his monotous voice. "Got it?"

"Yes sir," I responded, "Got it. Over and out."

And thus I set a course for Norion.

Chapter 1:Leax's First MissionEdit