Galactic Federation Trooper:Samus you are requested for a new mission.

Samus:What is it?

Galactic Federation Trooper:There has been reports of a portal opening in an unknown crystalline planet.

Samus:Where is it?

Galactic Federation Trooper:I'm sending the coordinates now.Adam should be recieving them.

Samus:Good.One more thing.

Galactic Federation Trooper:What?

Samus:Did we find him.

Galactic Federation Trooper:Not yet we are still working on it.

Adam:I got the coordinates We are taking off.

Galactic Federation Trooper:Ending transmission.

Samus' Ship took off. Meanwhile an unknown ship launched from the under cover of the bushes and was pursuing Samus

Adam:Samus we are being pursued should I open fire.

Samus:I know Adam and that wont be neccesary.He is really starting to get sloppy.

---Chapter 1 signal ended---