BOA is an elite group of mercenaries and soldiers. The name is actually an acronym for Bringing Order through Action.


Members of BOA include:

  • Gerop Kinese, a.k.a. Constrictor (Heavy Weapon Specialist)
  • Dekar Lokstra, a.k.a. Mamba (Automatic Weapon Specialist)
  • Leax Perine, a.k.a. Anaconda (Stealth Specialist)
  • Glar Plaros, a.k.a. Sidewinder (Espionage Specialist)
  • Admiral Dane, a.k.a. King Cobra (Commanding Officer)
  • AU333x2-A specialized Aurora unit made especially for BOA.


BOA was founded after several failed attempts to capture Samus Aran. After the historic Treaty of Norion, the Space Pirates and GF tried to eliminate "The Hunter." After several failed attempts, the decision to form a group of the best mercenaries was made. Thus, BOA was born. The main objective of BOA is to eliminate Samus Aran. Their flagship is the G.F.S. Olympus, modified with extra heavy cannons, a Frigate-Destroyer class laser, a gravity well projector, and stealth capabilites. The latter were added to aid in the capture of Samus Aran.