Dekar Lokstra
Dekar Lokstra image
Vital statistics
Title Mamba
Gender Male
Race Space Pirate
Faction BOA
Status Alive

Dekar Lokstra is a famous pirate commander. His nicknames include "Hellfire" and "The Spirit of Death." His primary weapon is the Dark Chaingun.


Not much is known of Lokstra's early life. What is known is that he joined the space pirate ranks right beforeth Aether Incident, and was stationed on Aether. He was subjected to experiments by his superiors; unlike most of his peers, however, he survived. The experiemt involved being shot at with a dark portal generator; instead of being ripped apart, his 99% of his particles were inverted into "dark" particles. The 1% normal particles that remained kept him tethered to this world. The experiment also blanched his skin to a ghastly white, and left him with a visible dark aura. He quickly moved through the ranks, as he could transform any weapon into a "dark" weapon. Eventually, he came to work for BOA by one of his old superior's request.


Lokstra is the "automatic" weapon specialist of BOA. In addition, he is "in sync" with spiritual fluctuations because of his mutation and can sense when something is wrong.


Lokstra prefers to make sure the enemy cannot fire, spraying their location with a flurry of bullets. This tactic gave him his nickname, "Hellfire."



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