Gerop Kinese


Gerop Kinese is a hunter in the fanfic Aftermath. He is ruthless and a rival of Leax.


Gerop Kinese was born in the year 1999 of the galactic calendar. He was born on the planet Norion. Gerop was fascinated with the weapons the GF troopers used since a very young age; he taught himself how to use a GF Trooper Assault rifle when he was twelve. Because he lived on a military base, he had easy access to a lot of weapons. When he was 15, he tried out the new Adapter Suit technology. He made several changes to the suit over the next few weeks; he added several layers of armor, a second arm canon, and a speed booster. He found the suit was almost too heavy to move around in, so he added a Gravity Booster (similar to the one used by Samus Aran.) The next week, he "acquired" a GF Stilleto fighter. He made several changes to this ship as well. About a month later, he left the planet to become a bounty hunter. He was infamous for almost never bringing the bounty back alive. over the next few years, he made several changes to his suit; he changed the color scheme to red and gray, and added shoulder mounted missiles. He also powered up the standard GF Trooper Assault Rifle he used; he added Plasma beam capability, causing the shots to be superheated. When he was 18, he met another hunter his age; Leax Perine. The two young hunters were hired by employers who were enemies. A fight then ensued, which ended in a draw. Both hunters became "rivals", and vowed that they would meet again. A few months later, Gerop bumbed into Leax again while chasing a bounty; a small fight ensued, which ended in another draw. Gerop vowed he would eventually beat Leax, and left for elsewhere. The next few years were somewhat boring for Gerop; he just hunted easy bounties. He eventually found a more challenging job defending a space pirate frigate from infiltration. The rest of Gerop's life is chronicled in Aftermath.


Gerop preferred to use deadly weapons and technology, with almost all offensive upgrades on his suit.