Journey to Death is a fanfic by MarioGalaxy2433g5. It takes place sometime after Metroid Fusion.

In it, Space Pirates threatens to blow up several planets unless Samus goes to their base, and gets killed.


Samus goes on board a Space Pirate Frigate and blows it up. While she was on there, she found a hologram projector. The hologram Ridley said that the Space Pirates put bombs in the cores of several planets, and will blow the planets up unless Samus comes to the Pirate Homeworld in 48 hours. He said that one of the planets was Ooromine IX. Samus went into the core of Ooromine IX just to check to see if he was telling the truth. There was a bomb in there, so he was. Samus then went to the Space Pirate Homeworld.