This is Chapter 1 of Journey to Death. It is after the Prelude. It is about Samus' journey to the Pirate Homeworld.

Chapter 1Edit

"What if they were lying?" Adam said. "I didn't think of that", said Samus.

The hologram turned back on. "If you don't believe us, check planet Ooromine IX. It has nobody on it, we placed it there just in case you didn't believe us. Why do we care if you don't believe us? BECAUSE WE WANT YOU DEAD!," Ridley said. "I never said however, that it wasn't guarded. Heh Heh Heh." The hologram turned back off.

"Ridley is listening in on us using that!" Samus said. Samus then threw it outside the gunship.

"I guess we should go to Ooromine IX. It would be a lot less suicidal than to go to the Space Pirate Homeworld." Adam said. "Okay" Samus said in return.

When they got to Ooromine IX, they were attacked out of nowhere. "What is shooting at us!?!" Samus said. "Space Pirate Stealth Fighters" said Adam. Samus then went onto the outside of the ship and shot several Ice Beam shots at the sources. Some ice formed on the ships, allowing Samus to easily pinpoint the ships. Finally, she shot five Missiles at each of the Fighters and blew them up.

Samus went back in the ship and asked, "Can you scan the planet for any entries to the core of the planet?" "Yes I can. Lets see, there is one on this point of the planet" Adam said while bringing up a map. Then Samus flew the ship toward it, and landed it in a hidden spot. She then went into morph ball mode and went down into its core, exited morph ball mode, and saw the bomb. Then, several Pirates jumped toward her, but she went out of the way, and they fell into the lava.

Samus got back on her ship and immediately started heading for the Pirate Homeworld. She had encountered, as one would expect, several space pirate ships, and Stealth Fighters. Adam said, "I didn't expect it would end for you this way...". "How do we know that the pirates won't blow the planets up anyways?"

"We don't. However, we can't take any chances." Samus said. "There could be a better way." Adam said. The Space Pirate Homeworld could now be seen.

"There is", Samus replied. "I think I know which room they want me to go in their base. It will take me an hour to get there. Five minutes from then..." she said as they landed on the Pirate Home World.

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