This is chapter 2 of Journey to Death. It is about how Samus goes to The Pirate Homeworld.

Chapter 2Edit

"If I succeed, I live to see another day. If I fail, I die and several planets get blown up." Thought Samus as she went through the Space Pirate Homeworld. She, unsuprisingly, saw no Space Pirates jump out at her, probably because Ridley wanted to kill her himself. She went through several doors, before reaching the room they wanted. "Obviously, they want me to go to a room big enough that Ridley can fit in," she thought to herself. The room was indeed big, and quite indeed contain Ridley.

"Hello, Samus." Ridley said, "Today is the day that you finally die! Any last words?"

"Why are the Space Pirates so evil? Why Ridley?" Samus asked. Ridley said, "I wasn't quite expecting those words to be your last words." Samus muttered, "What is taking so long?". Now time for you..." Ridley started, but Samus interupted "Ridley, can we be friends?". Ridley yelled in reply "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KILLING ME!" Then Ridley thought for a second and realized something. "You are stalling me Samus." Then, they heard the sound of a ship passing by, then the ceiling collapsed.

"What is going on?" Ridley asked a nearby Space Pirate. "THE FEDERATION!"

"WHAT!" Ridley said. Samus took advantage of the moment to notice the detonator in Ridley's claws and took it. Some federation ships shot at Ridley.

Ridley roared and said, "STOP SAMUS ARAN AT ALL COSTS." Samus Aran was heading for her ship.

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