This is Chapter 3 of Journey to Death. It is about the chase that occured after the Federation came to the Pirate Homeworld.

Chapter 3Edit

As Samus ran to her ship, she encountered many Space Pirates, including some new ones. The Missile Pirates shot missiles similar to the ones she uses, the Grapple Pirates used grapple beams similar to hers, and the Ghost Pirates used teleporting and cloaking technology. "Got to remember to shoot the Ghost Pirates as soon as they finish teleporting," Samus said to herself in case she fought that type of Pirate again.

Samus quickly got into her ship and left the Pirate Homeworld. As she expected, she saw several Space Pirate ships, one of which had Ridley on it, chasing her and shooting at her. However, the Federation ships were hot on their trail, causing several Space Pirate ships to get destroyed. However, Space Pirate Stealth Fighters shot at the federation ships, in turn.

Samus led them into the deep reaches of space. "Come on, hurry up." she said. Then a message came from the Federation. "Samus, we are ready." With that, she turned right around, and shot at the Space Pirate ships and flew past them.

"Grrr!" said Ridley. "DESTROY HER!" The remaining Space Pirate ships flew after her, as well as the Federation ships.

Samus quickly landed on Ooromine IX in a hidden place. She left her ship and headed out towards a different part of the plantet, she didn't want it destroyed in the ensuing fight.

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