This is the Epilogue of Journey to Death. It is about the fight with the Space Pirates on Ooromine IX.


The Space Pirates flew to Ooromine IX, with the Federation ships right behind them. When they got there, they shot at Samus from above, however, she quickly noticed them and shot back at them.

The Space Pirates jumped out of their ships, except for the ships' pilots who remained in the ships and flew them to a landing spot. The Federation ships let the Federation Marines out, landing on the planet below. There were many Space Pirates, Black Pirates, Gold Pirates, Green Pirates, regular Pirates, Ghost Pirates, Grapple Pirates, and Ghost Pirates. Ridley was there, as well as Bounty Hunter Weavel, and several other Pirate Bounty Hunters, Gorbat, Naget, and Taquaras. The federation and Samus killed or wounded many of the Pirates, though some Marines were wounded or killed themselves.

Gorbat was the first bounty hunter to go down, then Naget. However, there were very few Marines left, however, the federation ships shot at the Pirates too, causing more to go down. More ships came, both those belonging to the Federation and to Space Pirates. Eventualy Weavel and Taquaras went down, and only Samus and Ridley were left.

"DIE SAMUS!" Ridley screamed as he shot several fire balls at her. She dodged each of them and shot blasts in return. Ridley had enough of it. He flew right towards Samus and hit her with his tailed, causing her to get sent reeling. "Ungh." She said. "Samus, we are ready for you to blow the bombs up." A message from the Federation said.

Then Samus gets out the detonator. "WHAT!?! YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL!" Ridley yelled. Samus pressed the button. Ridley prepared for the explosion, but none came.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" Ridley said. A Space Pirate came out of a ship and said to Ridley, "The bombs, the federation found them and dropped them on the Pirate Homeworld!" panicking. "WHAT!?!" Ridley yelled. He killed the Space Pirate messenger, and got into his ship. He flew for the pirate homeworld.

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