Leax Perine
Leax Perine image
Leax Perine in Normal Armor
Vital statistics
Title Anaconda
Gender Male
Race Space Pirate/Human
Faction BOA
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Status Alive
Location GFS Olympus

Leax Perine is a hunter known for his stealthy tactics. Not only is he a hunter, but he is also Anaconda in BOA.


Leax was born in a Space Pirate Lab. He was an experiment of crossing human and space pirate DNA. However, because he had give away space pirate traits such as the three fingered hands, he was dumped on the streets of the GFS capital planet. There, he had to survive through being a thief. He learned how to sneak past guards and security robots. Eventually, he learned how to hack the security robos through a visual interface installed in a pair of sun glasses (this system would later evolve into the Hack Visor.) However, when he was 13 he got caught by a GF soldier in the act. When he confessed to the soldier he had been a thief for years but was never caught, the GF trooper was both disgusted and impressed. Little did he know, this trooper was actually admiral Dane, looking around the city for bounty hunters to administer the vaccine for the Aurora units to the AU's. When looking for soldiers for the Stealth Trooper project a year later, he thought of that thief boy. Dane contacted him, and asked him to join the military. Leax agreed, and graduated from the academy in a year, unheard of for someone with so little eductaion. All of Leax's superiors were impressed, and gave him the okay to go into the stealth program. Within two years (or by the time Leax was 17), not only was Leax the top of his class, but he also had designed several of the stealth equipment used by the soldiers, including the Stealth Package for the adaptor suit. However, right when Leax graduated, he mysteriously left. Dane later found out he had become famous in several thief circles as the "Lord Infiltrator." At first Dane thought Leax had become a thief, but it later turned out that Leax had become a bounty hunter who was skilled with infiltration missions. One day, about a year later, Leax contacted Dane, telling Dane to call him if he needed help with infiltrations. Then, a month later, the second battle of Norion began. Faced with eminent defeat, Dane called Leax and asked him to infiltrate a Space Pirate Flagship and destroy it. At this point, the fanfic Aftermath begins.


  • "Basically, I was going to make the ship into a giant hand grenade."
  • "Because if you get killed, I want to make sure it was me who killed you."
  • "I had the pleasure of meeting a few guards along the way. Fortunately, no one else will ever have that pleasure...