Adam:Samus we have arrivied

Samus:Where's our pursuer

Adam:Just landed a few miles from here.

Samus:Okay.I'm heading out to the portal.

Adam:I'll give you the coordinates.

The map came up in Samus' Visor and same left the ship.

Adam:The federation found a file in Sky Town that says the Chozo discovered this planet and the Elysians want to call it Magnovia.


Samus then left the landing site while a shadowy figure is taking an alternate route to it's prime target.

Adam:Be careful Samus this place has seismic activity and who knows what it can stir up.

Samus:I know and my scans show something is in this crystal.

Adam:Crack it open with your missle.

Samus shot a missle and discovered that inside it was something remarkable.

Adam:What is it?

Samus:An egg.I'm going to take it back to the ship.

Adam:But you have no idea what it is.

Then an earthquake shook the planet while Samus is dodgeing the crystals that are falling from the cavern celling.Then a beast bursted from the ground.

Samus:That thing looks like Crocomire but blue.

The beast then was throwing crystals at Samus but Samus shot super missles in its mouth to back it up.Samus quickly dodged the crystals while holding the egg.Then Samus then witnessed the Crystal Crocomire's death as it falls in a radioactive pool of liquid crystal.

Samus:Adam open up the ship so I can put in the egg.

Adam:I'll make it nice and comfortable.

Samus:I tried to scan the egg to see what it is but it matches nothing in the database.

Samus then left and was headed to the portal.

---Chapter 2 signal ended---