Samus,"Who the hell are you?"

???,"Sir, I don't believe she knows."

???,"Yeah. I am Seth, your brother."

Samus,"My brother? I have a brother."

Adam,"Checking..........Reading files.......found...1 match of DNA in record. Seth Aran. He indeed is your brother, just newly added to the list of bounty hunters."

Me,"Yep, I am your brother. Sorry you had to find out like this, but I have orders to what you started, Ridley."

Samus,"Your joking right?"

???,"Sir, target is speeding right at us."

Me,"Gotcha, love ta chat, but got work to do."

I am beamed up, charging up for assault on the beast. My Electro Lob is at full power. He opens his mouth to launch a swirling hell made of fire. I release it at him. Ridley eats it, and he slowly drops. I use charge a electro lob-missile combo. I am about to release it when Samus launches a missile at me.

Samus,"Find your own bounty's."

Me,"Oh come on! I could've ended this! Besides they took you off the mission. Does it really matter who kills him? Do you remember what he did to mom? Or has this became a game of cat and mouse, where you two switch between who is the hunter and the hunted?"

Samus,"How dare you? If your my little brother, then respect my wish of killing him myself."

Me,*Sigh*"Find then. But The Feds will be pissed with you, so remember that. See ya later sis."

Samus goes back into her ship and chases after Ridley as he regains consciousness.

???,"Sir, shall we follow."

Me,"Indeed Roy. Indeed."