Samus' ship flies in on Ridley with me following behind. They enter in onto the surface of Tallon X, a planet inhabited by the universe's most destructive, menacing creatures. Tallon X is a Galactic Federation jail planet, or at least it was. Recent news has stated that the jail had been moved to Tallon V. But it stated that some of the worst of the worst were left to rot in time for the rest of eternity here.

Me,"Roy, what is Ridley doing here!?!"

Roy,"I can't say sir, but this is not good. We must contact Samus and have her aware of where we are."


Me,"Sis, you there?"

Samus,"Hello? Seth?"

Me,"Sis, we need to leave, now! This place-"

Samus,"I know, it's a jail planet."

Me,"No, it use to be. The feds took them and moved them to Tallon V."

Samus,"Well then we should be fine."

Me,"They left the worst of the worst here. We need to leave before something bad hap-"


Suddenly a hurtling rock crashes into Samus' ship and my engine is shot out by some red beam. She crashes down into a forest. I crash 50 feet away from here towards the left.

I leap out just fine. Samus comes out with her power suit on.

Samus,"Great what do we do now?"

Me,"Roy, can you find a station for us?"

Roy,"Working on it........found. Marked on the map. Should I send it to Samus?"


Roy,"As you wish."

Samus receives the map. We head off towards the where the station is located, Sandstorm Wasteland.