Metroid Rebirth is a fanfic published by Dark Ridley, and the original version can also be seen on Fanfiction.Net, where he goes by the name "Spaceballs". It began in 01-16-08.

Fanfiction.Net Version


Metroid Rebirth takes place after Metroid Fusion in the Metroid series. The prologue describes the ending of the game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, during which Samus has just defeated the corrupted Aurora unit 313 and Dark Samus, which results in Phaaze destabilizing and exploding.

Dark Samus survives this, and early on within the story is given what can be considered a "second chance", and as this occurs, the Space Pirates attempt to rebuild from the ruins of their organization, but must now deal from threats of others who are attempting to replace them. All awhile a shadowy figure has created a bounty on Samus Aran, and now bounty hunters from across the galaxy are preparing to hunt her down.



Chapter 1: A Shadow Reborn

Chapter 2: True Nature

Chapter 3: Crossroads

Chapter 4: Invasion

Chapter 5: Reunion

Chapter 6: Bloodlines I

Chapter 7: Bloodlines II

Chapter 8: Fall from Glory

Chapter 9: Ridley's Wrath

Chapter 10: Old Blood

Chapter 11: The Beast

Chapter 12: Old Memories

Chapter 13: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 14: Sacred Flame

Chapter 15: Sacrifice

Chapter 16: Old Wounds

Chapter 17: Phazon Clash I