Vital statistics
Title Pirate of the Blades
Gender Female
Race Space Pirate
Faction Space Pirates
Status Dead
Location Ooromine IX

Naget is a female Space Pirate Bounty Hunter in Journey to Death.


Naget became a bounty hunter because she didn't want to be a regular Pirate Trooper under a general. She only uses certain melee weapons, like blades, scythes, etc. She has many of them, using different ones on different missions. Some were collected from her targets. She particularly uses the Electron Blade, a weapon that shocks the target on contact. She is often employed for assassination, because her targets won't live long enough to scream when she enters the room, and her weapons don't make a lot of noise. She was killed in Journey to Death on Ooromine IX. After her death, her collection of blades were taken away by the Space Pirates.


  • She hates Weavel for unknown reasons.

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