Space pirate copy 2
Vital statistics
Title Space Pirate Captain
Gender Male
Race Space Pirates
Faction Space Pirates
Health  ?
Level  ?
Status Captain
Location  ?

Sarres is a Space Pirate Captain.


Sarres was born upon Zebes before Samus' original destruction of the space pirate base upon it, and was transferred at a young age to the pirate homeworld to receive training in the fleet, having been selected for flight training.

He would go on to serve as a fighter pilot in the battle of Norion, aiding in the diversion in the attempt to allow the Leviathan safe passage so that it could crash into the planet. After the fleet retreated due to the failure of the Leviathan crash, and would later rejoin it at the pirate homeworld.

Sarres would go on to become a captain in the pirate fleet, serving Chitor in the Ovias sector. On one of his rounds he would discover the phazon source on Lacarus Prime. After this he aided the space pirate fleet in invading the planet, providing aerial bombardments from his frigate.

When Chitor was wounded in the crash of the Acheron, Sarres was the one who transported him back to the pirate homeworld to receive medical aid.


Sarres is equipped with typical space pirate gear and weaponry.

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