The Scrambler Missile is a specialized missile used by Leax Perine. It acts like a charged wave beam shot, but explodes after a certain amount of time/distance, rendering all technology within a certain radius useless.


The scrambler missile is an anti-technology missile. Once it explodes, all technology within a certain radius is rendered temporarily useless. This was because it released charged particles. These particles would act like a large statcic shock, short-circuiting anything they hit. After a certain distance, the particles would slow down until they were slowed to a near stop and reacted with gasses in the air, causing the charge to become neutral.


The missiles are devastating because of most hunters' reliance on technology. This is especially devasting to ships, as it can render nearly all of the ship's systems useless. The missiles can also be charged to increase the duration of the uselessness. These are Leax's version of Super Missiles.