Seth Aran
Vital statistics
Title Rookie
Gender Male
Race Human
Health Enlisted For Duty
Status Green
Location Multiple

Seth Aran is brother of Samus Aran, an interstellar bounty hunter. He takes many traits up from his sister, that which of being her courageousness and making decisions. He, like his sister works the The Galactic Federation or as he calls them, "The Feds". Seth carries a new suit developed by The GF, Swift Assault Missions Undertaking Suit (S.A.M.U.S.). It is a lighter variant to Samus's Suit. It holds much features many features that Samus's introduces.


He like his sister was raised by the chozo. Though he was a baby at the time of his mothers death, he was kept away from Samus to for unknown reasons. He was sent with a different tribe of chozo. These were peace lovers. As he grew up, his tribe was attacked by space pirates and their commander. The commander was not Ridley. The commander had a similar suit to the fusion. As the tribe was being slaughtered, a purple figure came and annihilated them. As he came up to the Seth, he handed him a medallion worn by tribe leader. He then took the boy to B.S.L for some hunter training. He was still not listed on as a hunter until he was 13. He now assist his sister on various Space Pirates missions. He as well assist his savior, Sylux, on various missions as well.