Picture of Taquaras
Vital statistics
Title Exploded Pirate
Gender Male
Race Space Pirate Cyborg
Faction Space Pirates
Status dead
Location Ooromine IX

Taquaras is a Space Pirate Bounty Hunter.


During a battle, nearly half of Taquaras' body was blown up because a grenade from the Space Pirates bounced off a wall and went into the middle of the group of Space Pirates in the battle, killing many of them, the rest were killed by their opponents. Taquaras was the only one who survived the battle, and was given robotic body parts to compensate. He uses the regular trooper scythe from when he was a Pirate Trooper, and a launcher that can shoot out one of three things, an EMP Grenade (though he needs to be careful while using it, he can temporarily shut down his mechanical parts), a CNE Missile, or a sonic blast. He can use his robotic hand for hacking into computers. He is employed on missions where the goal is to destroy everything in site, or to hack something. He was killed on Ooromine IX in Journey to Death.

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