(assumed) Hunter (true) *Unkown*
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human/X parasite; corrupt by phazon
Faction Freelance bounty hunter
Health {{{health}}}
Level GF Most Wanted #3
Status Dangerous, unpredictable bounty hunter who seems to know Samus personnaly
Location Galactic Federation Security Cell 7098

He is dangerous, and uses the Shogun. His Morph ball is pure radiation, and he seems to hate the species Metroid.


He was another survivor of the takover of a Colony, along with Samus. They trained together with the Chozo. They fell in love. But, sadly, it was short lived. When Samus recieved her suit, they were seperated. Years later, he was infected with the X. He had the willpower of many Chozo elders, so he controlled it. He sent an X to explore, and when it came back, it had the DNA of several Hunter's suits. He absorbed the "information" and made his own suit and blaster. Later on, he was corrupt with Phazon. He stole P.E.D. technology, and again controlled it. So now he ever searches to find Samus and prove the lengths he would go to to see her just once.


He will be in my upcoming story, The Showdown.


Use the Omega Beam's charge to absorb and power up the radiation from hhis suit and release it to damage him.


"We all live a life, we all die a death. Even you, Samus."


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