Samus was almost to the portal site and she heard a familiar noise.She then saw a missle in a crevice.She then got it with her grapple beam.Her Visor saidDiamond tip added to missle.Missle can now boar through walls.

Samus:Cant wait to try them out.

Samus then entered a clearing with cliffs bordering it and a big portal in the middle.

Samus:This portal seems familiar.

Samus soon got something on her radar.

Samus:You can come out now Sylux.

Sylux soon walked out of the shadows of the caverns.

Sylux:You finally caught me.So tell me how did you know?

Samus:You forgot to cover up your ship's energy signature back at the forests of Norion.

Sylux:I knew I forgot something.So why couldn't you finsh me off back at Norion.

Samus:I don't do surprise attacks unlike somebody.So how about we get this over with.

Samus and Sylux both turned into there Alt. Forms and were about to clash but then these dots that were slowly changing to green to blue and back were coming out of portal and creating a tank.Samus and Sylux got out of their Alt. Forms

Samus:Thats an Armank.

Adam:But I thought Tabuu was destroyed along with subspace and he couldn't make shadow bugs anymore.

Samus:These aren't shadow bugs the are subspace bugs like the duplicates of the others are made of that I fought in the great maze.No wonder the portal seems familiar.

Sylux:I thought those stories I heard about you fighting in another dimension weren't real.

Samus:Word travels fast.

The armank then brought out its dragon like arm and shot two pulse shots.Samus and Sylux dodged the attack and Sylux shot his Shock Coil at the arm to drain its energy.Samus shot her new missle and it went through it easily.The tank opened to reveal a green blob trembling in terror.Samus then shot a power beam shot and it exploded.

Samus:You've gotten better.

Sylux:So have you.

Then Ridley flew out of the Portal and landed on the ground roaring.

Samus:Looks like we have to work together till this subspace mess is sorted out.

---Chapter 3 signal ended---