Ridley fires a fire ball and Samus dodges it.Ridley then flys up and then attempts to ram them.But Samus used her Grapple beam and grabbed his chest and threw him to the ground exposing his core.

Samus:Shoot the chest!

Sylux then charges up hs Shock Coil and shoots it.

Samus:Thats new.

Sylux:Picked it up at Elysia.

Ridley then got back up and shoots five missles and most of them hit Sylux.Samus turns into the morph ball and used the Spider ball on Ridley's wing before he went back up into the air.Samus then drops a power bomb and drops quickly.Ridley then roars in pain and flys back into the portal.

Samus:Get your ship here.We have to go shoot him down.I must warn you SubSpace is an unpredictable place.

Sylux then nods his head and they put both pressed the buttons on thier arm cannons.Samus' gunship arrives and then the Delano 7.

Sylux:I fixed that problem that I found out about my ship back at the Vesper Defence Outpost.

They got in their ships and took off in the portal.

Adam:Samus there are no maps avalible about this place so I must make the map as you go along.

Then they see Ridley in there sight but as they are about to open fire they both get hit by a missle from Galleom.

--- End Chapter 4 signal ---